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Luciano Neves Ferreira da Rocha

26 years old, Psychology and Coach student with experience in Personal Coaching, Finance and Personnel Selection. Was the State Coordinator for the Students for Liberty network . Experienced management teams, leadership and planning personnel selection strategies and engagement teams.

Enthusiast in disruptive and decentralized technologies, especially cryptocurrency.


José Mateus Siqueira Santos

Passionate about entrepreneurship, majoring in Business Administration from the University of the State of Paraiba. Specialized in opening and administration sites by WordPress, besides, some performance marketing functions. I Paraíba State coordinator through the Students for Liberty and also president and founder of Drovers Libertarians group.


Victor Hugo Brito Fernandes

Mechanical engineer experienced in machine design, industrial automation and information technology. Two years of experience in junior enterprise, in a leadership function. Freelancer in IT and engineering projects.


Sarah Sales

21, International Relations student, columnist for Libertarianism Portal and Magazine Nabucco, digital influencer, proofreader and manager of social media. Currently is vice coordinator in Students for liberty, state counselor in the Liderança nas Escolas Project and event assistant at AtlasNetwork.


Matheus Darós Pagani

Mechanical Engineer experienced in Research and Development projects in Oil and Gas industry and Industrial Automation. Master graduated in Computational Simulations and specialist in Software Development. Experienced in Project Management and Information Technology.


Rodrigo Marques dos Santos

Entrepreneurship, financial market and crypto-technology enthusiast, has nearly two decades of experience in leading people and making things happen. Always looking towards the future is responsible for conducting the business vision and attracting the best talents.


Dieferson Machado Bandinelli

Majoring in Computer Science; National Director of the Liderança nas Escolas Project. Communications director for Clube Farroupilha. Freedom-loving, always acting in favor of the expansion and dissemination of these ideas.


Fabricio Spiazzi Sanfelice

Majoring in Law and Business Administration, with experience in strategic and operational consulting. Was the National Executive Director of EPL network, and Group Formation Coordinator of the same network for 1 year. Operates in several projects related to the expansion of economic freedom, political and entrepreneurship in Brazil.


David Póvoa Canuto

Graduated at the University of Vila Velha in International Relations, with experience in immigration in the area of consular visas.

Economic freedom and entrepreneurship enthusiast.

Leader and active member in the international organization linked to fighting poverty, conflicts and diseases. Was Institutional Relations coordinator for the EPL network in the state of Espirito Santo- Brazil.

Was awarded a scholarship in the field of international relations and focused in the area of intelligence and defense at West Virginia University.


Douglas Ricardo Guimarães

Translator, reviewer and editor, has more than 60 books published under his supervision. Entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in events, marketing and social projects related to access to culture and reading. Served as Conference Manager for C4Media International, running and coordinating the QCon event in nine cities in the world: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, London, Paris, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, New York and San Francisco.


Jefferson Gabriel Nascimento da Silveira

Majoring in Economics from the Federal University of Paraíba, regional coordinator of the Liderança nas Escolas project and freedom enthusiast. Acting for the development of ideas for freedom. Within the economy, is focused on business activities connected to people and macroeconomic research of countries and companies.


Lisliê Tainá Domingos de Oliveira

Graduate Student in Law with expertise in international law, Human Rights and Constitutional Law; National director of the Liderança nas Escolas project. Was a member of the state team of the Estudantes pela Liberdade network in Brazil, the founder of Ludwig von Mises group. Enthusiast of freedom and diplomacy, is an activist and creator of several projects for freedom and ideas of the Austrian School in Brazil.